Instead of letting your old 16mm football films collect dust and take up space, let us digitize them so you can monetize your content!

-          We run each reel of film through a special high end digitizer, which records each frame of the film to a computer and creates a flicker free, crystal clear video.

-          Special filters are applied to each video (Black & white, Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, etc) so that the video quality is better than the actual film it was recorded on.

-          We return all films back to you, as well as give you a hard drive that contains all the films in high quality video format.

-          We pick up and deliver all films to you, so there are no shipping charges.

-          Once your films are converted, they are preserved forever!

-          The cost is only $8.00 per reel of film with a 100 reel minimum, plus the cost of a hard drive (free if you provide)

-     We also convert quantities below 100 to DVD - contact us for details.

1957 Manasquan vs Freehold (in color) 1961 Manasquan Keyport

Money Making Suggestions with Your Films:

Sell them on DVDís to alumni

Put them online and sell as a digital download

Put them online and charge a subscription to view and/or purchase

Put them online for free and monetize by showing ads from local businesses and sponsors

For more information, contact Patrick Toland at 908-461-5249 or email us at


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