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Creating a Baseball Highlight Film Recruiting Tape
Baseball Highlight Film Examples:
     Click Playlist for more baseball recruiting tape examples

STEP 1 - Time Codes


The first step in creating your baseball highlight film recruiting tape is to gather your video footage and pick out the starting and ending time code for every good play.


Click Here to download the baseball time code worksheet (word format)


Click Here to download the baseball time code worksheet (pdf format)


You can fill in the word document and email it back to us, or print the pdf, fill it out, take a photo of it with your phone and email the photo to us.


If your films are on DVD:


If the DVD was created without chapters, and the timer on the DVD player starts at zero and ends when the video ends WITHOUT Resetting back to zero during playback, then you can pick out the time codes for every good play using the timer on the DVD player or computer. If the timer does reset to zero during playback, send us the DVD and we will overlay a time code stamp and send them back to you in a private YouTube links so you can pick out the time codes.


If your films are on YouTube:


Use the timer in the video player to pick out your time codes, then email us the hyperlink to each video. We will be able to pull that video from YouTube and place it into our system.


If your films are in a file format on your computer, hard drive, tablet, etc:


If you have one file per game, you can watch it on your computer and pick out the time code for every good play. If you have multiple files, upload them to us as we will put them together, overlay a time code stamp, and send them back to you in a private YouTube link so you can pick out the time codes.

STEP 2 - Send us your films

If you want to upload your DVD's to us CLICK HERE for instructions.

If you have video files to upload CLICK HERE for instructions.

If you want to mail us your DVD's, hard drive, USB drive, etc. the mailing address is:


Att Patrick Toland

38 Henry Street

Shrewsbury, NJ 07702


We accept Fed Ex, UPS, USPS and overnight deliveries.

STEP 3 - Introduction


Let us know the information at the start of the film.

The introduction usually includes a photo, as well as the following:

Name, Jersey Number, Position(s), School and Graduation Year.

It can also include information such as GPA, SAT Scores, Awards, Accomplishments and Contact Information.

Click Here to see many examples.

STEP 4 - Choose your music


We strongly suggest you use royalty free music from our large catalog of songs, which you can view by CLICKING HERE. You can use non royalty free music by either emailing us the mp3's or a YouTube link to the song - BUT BE AWARE - many times YouTube will not allow the video to be shown on a portable device (phone, tablet) due to the copyright restrictions placed on non royalty free music... which means Coaches will not be able to view your video!


When choosing songs, make sure you choose at least 3-4 to cover the length of the video.

If you want us to pick the songs, just let us know.

STEP 5 - Payment


The total cost is $300, which includes up to 60 plays. If you need more than 60 plays, there is an additional cost of

$0.50 per play.


You can pay by check (payable to Patrick Toland) or pay with credit card (an email invoice will be sent from Paypal). Please note that you do not need to pay up front, but payment must be made before the video is emailed to you for review.

STEP 6 - Building the film


We build the film and send it to you for review, usually within 24-48 hours. Please double check that all arrows are correct and the text is spelled correctly in the introduction. We suggest that all the best plays are placed at the front of the film, so let us know if you want any of them moved (or you can let us know when choosing the initial time codes). We will then make any adjustments and resend the film back to you for approval.

STEP 7 - Publishing


Once the final film is approved, we publish it on our YouTube channel as well as create a personal page for the athlete with the video embedded into it. We send you both links so the film can be emailed to coaches. The main advantage of sending the personal page link over the YouTube link is that the coach won't see all the other YouTube video suggestions of other baseball recruits.


We will also send you a link to download the video file to your own computer, so that you can post it to Facebook or anywhere else you like.



Image Files/ISO Files


Do you need a playable dvd right away? We can create an Image File and send you a downloadable link right away so that you can burn the image file to a blank dvd and it will play in any dvd player. Please be aware that an Image File is also called an ISO file - and all you have to do is tell your DVD burning software that you are burning a disk image or ISO file (instead of a data file) and you will have a playable dvd. The cost of this service is $20.


DVD's mailed to you


We have two options if you want DVD's mailed to you:


Option 1 is a plain DVD in a paper sleeve. No labels, no DVD cases - just the Highlight Film on a DVD that will play in any DVD player. 20 will be shipped UPS, second day air. Cost is $50.


Option 2 is a DVD in a paper sleeve, with a custom label, in a DVD case with a custom DVD case label. 20 will be shipped UPS, Second day air. Cost is $100. Additional DVD's are $5 each.


Remember, we give you the Highlight Film File in a downloadable link, so you can always make as many dvd copies as you like from that file for free!


Notes -


We do not encrypt our dvd's - you are free to make as many copies as you like.


The DVD menu uses the screenshot of your highlight film introduction. Examples are below:


The DVD label and DVD jacket are both customized to the athlete and sport.  Soccer examples are below:

Questions? Email us at Recruitingtape@gmail.com or call us at 908-461-5249

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