Sports Recruiting Tapes


How To Upload Your files to us

1. Go to Log in with the email and password that we emailed you:
uploading your athletic dvds to us - login google drive
Please note - If you do not see the above screenshot, you are already logged into a google service (such as gmail). You must log out, then log back in:
uploading your athletic dvds to us - log out google drive

2. Click the red NEW box

3. Choose the file upload option

4. Navigate to the game film file that is on your computer system and choose it.

5. You will see the uploading progress bar at the bottom, indicating how long it will take to upload the file.

6. Repeat the process for each file you have.

7. When all files and folders have been uploaded, call or email us at to let us know your uploads are done. (Do Not email us from this google drive account - it will go to and those emails will not be delivered.)

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